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Best IPTV Player Review from CUT THE CORD REVIEWS Team. This article doesn’t provide information about providers. You can check out this article for service providers reviews.

In this article, you can find a list of the Best IPTV Players for Fire Stick, Fire TV, Android TV Sets, Smart TVs, Android Mobiles, iOS, Windows PCs and more. Although some of the players on this list do not have a dedicated Windows and MacOS program, you can use it with the support of an Android emulator.

The IPTV players featured here can be used for a variety of IPTV providers. The key thing to remember is that the apps mentioned here are just players and do not have any IPTV channels.

You must have a current IPTV account to use these IPTV players. Your new IPTV subscription must also support M3U playlists or EPG playlists.

IPTV players can be used for both official and third party IPTV providers with M3U playlist and/or EPG support.

Benefits of having an IPTV Player

Here are some of the reasons why you would like to use an IPTV player for your service provider:


Yes! IPTV players are legal.

IPTV Players let you play content from your current IPTV subscription. They don’t have any material of their own. They’re not hosting any copyright channels.

Lets go to the main point

Here is a list of IPTV Players best for your Firestick or Android Devices.


NetGo Streaming Media Player is one of a kind IPTV player app. NetGo is available for android devices such as Firesticks, Android TV Boxes, Android TV, Mobiles and Tablets. The TV version of the app is very easy to install. You can find it on the Amazon App Store from your Updated Firestick, and can also use the help of Downloader App.

This player doesn’t require any m3u playlist or EPG and also no login is required. After installing you’ll receive an Unique SN and Mac address, the IPTV service Providers will activate your service as a registered client.

Features: LIVE TV, On-screen navigation on Live TV, Remote Dialing, VOD Browser, EPG / Guide Menu view, ICON / Logo View, Favorites.

2. Startup Show

Startup Show is a M3U playlist based app. The Startup show is easy to install it can be found on google play store. After installation it will require a m3u link to type in order to login and get the service. This app is available for Android TV Boxes, Android TV, Mobiles and Tablets.

The app UI is great for remote browsing and scrolling. You can also find the provider’s detailed info in the settings and add favorites. Switch between VLC and XC.

Features: Live TV, Vod Browser, EPG View, Logo view, favorites.

3. Perfect Player IPTV

Perfect IPTV player is also a M3U playlist oriented app. Perfect Player is set-top box style IPTV/Media player for watching videos on TVs, tablets and smartphones.

This app is best for users who have multiple providers they want to switch between streaming. If you are using more than one IPTV provider, you can access them all in one place.

Perfect Player is officially available on iOS and Android devices via App Store and Play Store. It is sideloaded onto your Amazon FireStick and Fire TV devices.

Features: Live TV, Vod Browser, EPG View, favorites.

4. IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters is a smart way to handle your IPTV subscriptions. IPTV Smarters lets you incorporate your current IPTV subscription and set the channels to a user-friendly interface. It also has its own video player, which is typically better than the default player built into the IPTV provider software.

Requires m3u link and epg link and login credentials from your provider.

Features: Live TV, Vod Browser, EPG View, favorites.

Finishing UP

This list is based on the apps user experience ratings. IPTV subscriptions come with contents but you should choose an app depending on the ease of access. Most apps that we mentioned here is not available on the amazon app store but they can be found on play store or easily side-loaded or installed using the Downloader App.

We are CUT THE CORD reviews team work. We cover article and videos to review IPTV Services and not to promote them. Strictly educational and saving peoples time

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