Premium IPTV Service and VPN Relationship Explained

Why would a Premium IPTV Service or Streaming Service still Lag or Freeze and why is a VPN known as a magical treatment for the issue?

This article will help you only if you have a premium iptv provider and a good internet connection.

These days many providers claim to be the best IPTV provider. While some lies and some actually are a premium service. But when you search around the market for a premium iptv service and find it after a lot of research, few days later or weeks, boo it starts lagging and freezing. You go around and yell at the provider “Hey! Why is it Lagging, you claimed to have a premium service for me!”

The second part of the story is, if the service provider is really premium and promising, they try to fix the problem right away, if it’s from their end.

The third part and worst case scenario is, you face the issue and complain, they check and find out they don’t have any issues from their end. Now what do you do?

Some give up and claim the refund, when others try new devices or providers.

But those are not permanent solutions and it comes back and catch you on a very special GAME DAY! IPTV or Streaming services which are really good doesn’t provide you service from a poor configured server or CDN. So the problem lies somewhere else, which is commonly known as “Speed Throttling”

The most effective and possible solution for this kind of lag freeze issues is using a Premium VPN along with the Premium Streaming Service.

A VPN will not just encrypt your internet connection and keep your identity safe. But there are other perks of using a VPN.

  1. Better Speed
  2. Better Stability
  3. Better Streaming
  4. Better Accessibility
  • Better Speed: A VPN successfully bypass your connection to any servers that is providing you content. So you get the maximum speed potential of your internet.
  • Better Stability: A VPN maintains the internet packets downloading and uploading in a systematic way. So you don’t get those mil-seconds of packet loss or ping drop.
  • Better Streaming: A VPN allows you to keep your connection encrypted and also connects you through their server to another close server. So your streaming experience becomes smooth.
  • Better Accessibility: A VPN let’s you unlock any content that has been restricted or blocked geographically. So you get to surf the whole world for anything you are looking for.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

I have shared personal experience on ExpressVPN and Falcon IPTV usage on a industrial grade and also home user grade. This article is written from genuine reports of testing with real iptv/streaming service users. This article is not entirely a marketing blog but is mostly educational, for the readers help and choice the affiliate links to FalconTV. Streaming and ExpressVPN is shared in the article above.



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